Common Area

Common Area

In the Beyond Residence we emphasize on family fun and good times for both vacationers as well as permanent residents, and for that purpose our common area serves as the heart of our residence, here is always room for kids, and fun around the big pool and waterslide, or a late-night get together for a nice family dinner in the restaurant.

Service Beyond the Expected. As you move through the different parts of your day here, there is a sense that everything falls perfectly into place. There is never any rush, nor any waiting. You are well attended, yet without ever feeling crowded. Every need is anticipated, often before you even think of it.

Our project’s recreational facilities, which include common beach swimming pool, fitness center and lush tropical gardens, are designed for escape and relaxation as though surrounded by the tropical atmosphere of such a peaceful place. Our project offers the safety of 24- hour security, smart card entry and CCTV camera system.

Offering resort-style living of the highest quality, maximum relaxation, and superior service.

Beach Bar & SPA